VIDEO: Embraer showcases E190 in Saint Helena

e190 saint helena

Aviation enthusiasts all over the World have kept an eye on the St.Helena airport saga, waiting for the day it will finally be possible to reach by air this rather interesting but extremely isolated volcanic island rich in history and natural wonders.

The island got a new airport last year, but, when pretty much everything was ready for the start of regular flights to St.Helena, it was discovered that wind shear made landings impracticable for fully-loaded aircraft of the size of a Boeing 737 and larger.

As the islanders, and a handful of entrepreneurs hopeful to start travel and tourism businesses in the island, watch in frustration, a number of alternatives have been pondered.

It may be possible to use smaller aircraft and, in fact, some tests have been made, like this Avro RJ100 that stopped in Saint Helena on its way to Chile from Europe.

Embraer has also contributed its five cents.

The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer sent one of its E190 aircraft, with capacity for 114 passengers, to Saint Helena. The E190, that flew all the way from Brazil, performed several take offs and landings to proof it is a suitable aircraft for operations in the island.

While no one knows yet when is Saint Helena airport going to open for regular commercial flights, you can at least enjoy this amazing video that Embraer has put together...a nice showcase of Embraer's technology with the amazing landscapes of St.Helena as a background!