Flightradar24, ready to track drones

flightradar24 screen

As it looks like we are heading to a drone economy of sorts, and that these drones are going to be sharing the air space with other sorts of flying craft, the need to track and monitor drone activity becomes apparent.

The partnership announced by Flightradar24 and Skysense fits into this context.

Skysense, that as part of the deal, will get investment from Flightradar24, develops light-weight ADS-B systems (under the name BCON¹) that adapt the same tracking technology currently used by airliners to the specific characteristics of small UAVs.

While the Flightradar24 screen may become a lot more crowded soon...I find it thrilling that the day you will be able to track your own Amazon drone delivery in real time might be a step closer!