Superjet aims to become a top player with SportJet

sukhoi superjet sportsjet

With several professional sports becoming global businesses that turn around billions of euros every year, it is just normal that teams look for ways to move around while ensuring that their main assets, the sportsmen, remain fresh and sharp.

This is why a conventional aircraft cabin may not be enough.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) has unveiled a Superjet SSJ100 aircraft cabin concept specifically designed for sports teams. 

The SportJet cabin, that should be available in the market by 2018, is not only a premium cabin layout, but one that can count on some of the latest technological advances to support the preparation of elite sportsmen and the subsequent post-competition recovery.

superjet sports concept

The cabin is divided into four functional zones, each designed to cater to the specific needs of different sports professionals.

There is one area for the athletes, with smart seats that monitor several physiological parameters, such as heart rate, while monitoring symptoms of dehydration, hypoxia and stress. There is even going to be an individual air adaptation index.

There are also areas for training and administrative staff and, very importantly, a recovery area.

superjet sports cabin

It is in this recovery area that sportsmen are going to be able to prepare ahead of their engagements, hopefully giving them an edge over their rivals that have used more "conventional" means of transportation to get to the tournament.

They are also going to be able to decompress and properly unwind after a competition.

superjet sportsjet

This area has some pretty cool gadgets and technology, such as AeroScan diagnostic capsules, that, as the name implies, check the physical readiness of the athletes.

Cryotherapy, myostimulation, press and lymphatic drainage, massage...all of them covered as well! It is also prepared to carry injured sportsmen.

The cabin's hydration level is also constantly monitored and, well aware of the powerful soothing effects of light, the Superjet SportJet relies on adaptive lighting for jet lag mitigation. 

The in-flight entertainment system is also, of course, in tune with the sports theme: the aptly named Be Ready To Win is a multimedia system that allows for a number of motivational programs as well as multimedia analysis of sports engagements. 

To sum it up: a smart niche-approach to aircraft marketing through product differentiation.

superjet for sports teams