Moscow airport plays Pokemon Go

pokemon go domodedovo

The whole World has gone crazy with Pokemon Go - despite having been released less than one month ago, the usage stats for this mobile game that combines geo-location and augmented reality features, are certainly impressive!

As is inevitable in these cases, articles have already started to spring up about ways that real-World businesses can leverage this latest massive social platform. One of its main draws is that it actually gets people to physically move to certain locations, which can be rather interesting to all sort of brick-and-mortar businesses.

In the aviation World, airports seem specially suited to this approach and, in fact, some have already set to work in this direction.

Domodedovo airport, one of Moscow's main air gateways, has been quick to jump onto the Pokemon Go bandwagon. Passengers are not only allowed to play Pokemon Go throughout the public areas of the airport, but playing this game is actually encouraged.

From 20th July to 7th August, thanks to #PokemonGOatDME initaitive, a number of shops and restaurants at Domodedovo International Airport are going to offer discounts to those passengers that show staff snapshots of the Pokemons they have captured in their premises.

Welcome to the new normal...