KLM unveils unique Orange Boeing 777

Picture: Menno Mennes, via  KLM

Picture: Menno Mennes, via KLM

KLM is well known for its light blue livery and branding, but...since 1919 it has also acted as the flag carrier of the Netherlands, a country that has orange as its "national colour" (a reference to its royal family, of the House of Orange-Nassau).

Orange is, indeed, the colour you see everywhere whenever and wherever the Netherlands participates in a sports competition, as is also the prevailing colours on the streets during "King's Day", an annual national festivity when most Dutch people wear orange.

It was actually on King's Day last year when KLM's always-active social media team asked its fans whether the airline should get into the orange mood too. (using the #OrangeExperience hashtag). The response was positive enough (30k likes and 2.5k replies) to trigger KLM's latest stunt.

Yes, KLM is wearing Orange this year, and it is going to be one of the flagships of its fleet, a Boeing 777-300.

Picture: Tom Kool, via  KLM

Picture: Tom Kool, via KLM

Given its "Oranje" (as Dutch sports teams are usually called) credentials, this aircraft will be deployed on the Amsterdam to Rio de Janeiro route this summer during the Olympic Games, and it will also be the aircraft to bring home Dutch athletes, in what the airline optimistically calls the "Medal Flight".

Picture: Menno Mennes, via  KLM

Picture: Menno Mennes, via KLM

From here wishing all the luck, then, to the Dutch Olympic team and hoping to see this unique Boeing 777 #Orangepride soon at some airport or another!

Oh, and there's a video too!