My list of 20 iconic aircraft every aviation fan should (try to) fly, on CNN

CNN asked me to compile a list of the commercial aircraft that every aviation enthusiasts should fly.

The task is not without its challenges, since 100 years of commercial aviation have produced quite a few remarkable aircraft.

The solution has been to create, actually two lists, one for relatively modern airliners and the other for more classical and vintage. While selecting the aircraft that make up the list I have tried to balance large and small aircraft, Western and Soviet, jets and turboprops. Some of the aircraft are relatively mundane and hold little secret, like the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, although it is precisely their ubiquity and success that makes them impressive. Others are, admittedly, a bit more out of bounds, even for the most enthusiastic aviation fans, like the only flying Antonov An-225 giant freighter. They all have in common, though, that are remarkable in their own way and that there is still at least one of the type in flying condition.

You will find the first part of the list, that contains 20 models from the late 1960s to date, here.

For the classical airliners list you will have to wait a bit more. Watch this space!