JetSuiteX, a hybrid between private jet and airline

Executive jet or airliner?

Executive jet or airliner?

The air travel market is getting more diverese (and interesting!) by the day.

We have low cost airlines becoming more like full service carriers, legacy airlines going low cost, flat-fee air travel and mobile apps that will get you a private jet.

Now, it's the private jet experience booked "by the seat", that is, you book your trip on a private jet the same way you would book a flight on a regular airline. 

You could already do something similar on some services, but usually you had to be pay for some sort of membership first.

JetSuiteX is selling these seats to anyone that would buy them, and, at $109 each way, the introductory fares look pretty accessible too (although to be fair, and, as it usually happens with this type of promotions, it can be quite a challenge to find the lowest fare on the dates that interest you!)

The JetSuiteX service, which uses wifi-equipped 30-seat Embraer E135 jets, is going to be offered, for now, on some routes on the US West Coast.

In fact, JetSuite is positioning this service as an accessible private flying experience, combining some of the elements of executive aviation, such as dedicated terminals and the VIP cabin, with those of traditional commercial air travel, such as regular scheduled routes and, if you are a member of JetBlue's TrueBlue, the frequent flyer miles.