Postcard from Switzerland


In our digital era, with more processes and services being moved online (the airline industry is no exception here!), I found it noticeable that Swiss decided to interact with its customers via good old-fashioned paper postcards.

Maybe because, despite being fully immersed in the digital World, I am still one of those few people left still sending postcards every time I visit a new place, I think there is something to the touch and feel of a real postcard.

In this case, Swiss asks passengers to provide feedback about their flight experience.

The feedback-giving process itself is online, with each postcard containing a personal code, that gives access to a quite thorough questionnaire. Swiss will then award some free flights to a random number of lucky feedback-givers.

The card however, provides a powerful, tangible reminder of your flying experience with Swiss, much more than simply providing a link to an app or a website, that may soon be forgotten among the multiple digital distractions that each of us have during the day.

A good example of an action that combines both online and offline elements.