AirPortr wants to pick your bags up


This time of the year most people have to carry bags around. Whether flying home for Christmas loaded with presents or to going on holiday to some exotic island, most of us are likely to be carrying large pieces of luggage.

This is the moment when London-based startup AirPortr comes into play.

AirPortr is a new on-demand service that comes to pick up your bags and takes them to the airport for you. If you happen to fly on British Airways, they will also check them in for you (for an additional fee - the snapshot below gives you an idea of the prices for inner London baggage collection).

Our practical test

We had the chance to test their service recently on a flight out of London.

We had a BA flight to Amsterdam so we were able to test the whole service, pick-up AND check-in. 

The service is booked online through AirPortr's website.

airportr prices


The process was smooth and clear (something essential if you want people to trust you with their bags!)

We requested our pick up at between 4 and 5pm the day before our flight (your pickup time has to be at least 24 hours before the flight). They arrived at the West London address we provided at 4pm sharp. Impressive.

What happened next?

They placed our luggage in a large bag (below), that is then tagged.

airportr bag pick up

Bags gone!

We reunited with our luggage the next day at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Our Impressions

Thumbs up! It worked perfectly for us. The whole process was smooth as silk and it made our trip much more comfortable.

We would definitely consider it again if we had to travel with a heavy bag or if we had to be at the office or at another place between leaving home and heading to the airport.

At this price point (£20-40) this service may not be for the most budget conscious segments of passengers, but most of these travel light anyway. If you are traveling long haul and carry heavy bags with you, it does not make such a difference to the overall cost of the trip.