Dassault delivers first Falcon 8X

Falcon 8X first client

It was at Jet Expo that I first became acquainted with the Dassault Falcon family of executive jets (for those too lazy to scroll down this section of the site, here's the link!) and how it left a very positive impression on me, both in what concerns the aesthetics and the capabilities.

The Dassault jet that I visited and photographed at Jet Expo was a Falcon 7X - impressive enough and to date, the most modern in Dassault's product range - "to date" because today the first Falcon 8X, the latest of Dassault's executive jet models has been delivered (to Athens-based Amjet, an operator specializing in corporate aviation services, to be more specific).

So I thought I could not let this event go unnoticed and would share a couple of pics of this beautiful corporate aircraft!

Falcon 8X delivery