Watch the movie, visit the set - with Transavia's #HolidaysOnDemand

Picture: Transavia

Picture: Transavia

Here is an interesting initiative in the field of low cost airline marketing: Transavia has joined forces with CanalPlay, the video-on-demand service of Canal+ France to sell airplane tickets together with movie streaming.

The idea is that when you select the movies you want to see, you have the chance to buy a ticket to a destination associated with that film.

I have been playing around a bit with the dedicated website #HolidaysonDemand and got the feeling that the recommendation algorithm, I do not live in France and therefore I can not take advantage of CanalPlay...

From what I have seen so far I got the impression that the recommendataion system is still a bit crude, however I think the idea of linking travel marketing to an "experiential moment" such as a the enjoyment of a movie is definitely going in the right direction: that of offering comprehensive experiences that appeal to the emotions of would-be travelers.

Kudos, then, to Transavia for exploring new channels for airline ticket distribution, a creativeness that is not restricted to the movies, as we noted recently on another post about Air France-KLM's low cost airline!