My article on CNN: Century-old Airliner to Fly Again

Rimowa Junkers F13

On my latest article for CNN I explore how the passion of a German businessman for aviation and the historical links between his family's luggage firm, Rimowa, and the legendary Junkers aircraft-maker have led him on an amazing quest to rebuild an almost century-old aircraft.

While researching this article I also enjoyed much in learning about the Junkers F13. I was familiar with later models of the German manufacturer, like the iconic Ju-52, but was really impressed to learned that already in 1919, Junkers designed a model that already anticipated the modern airliner in most of its features.

Anyway, if you wish to find out what it takes to bring a 97-year-old aircraft back to the skies, better check out the story!

By the way, this is not the only aircraft restoration story of note that I have come across lately.

A few months ago, also on CNN, I explained the story of Maria Karmanova, a young Russian mathematician from Siberia that is restoring, pretty much on her own, an old Soviet Tupolev Tu-104 airliner, one piece at a time.

You can read her story here.

Maria Karmanova Tu-104