MAKS 2015 (II): Superjet flies the flag

SSJ Superjet MAKS

The current edition of MAKS has taken place in quite a different economic and political environment compared to that of 2013.

While we await MC-21s first flight, hopefully by next MAKS, the Sukhoi Superjet continues to take the center stage when it comes to Russia's civilian aircraft industry.

UAC's president, Yuri Slyusar, was at the show to chat with journalists and present the latest news about the Superjet programme. 

Yuri Slyusar during the UAC press conference at MAKS

Yuri Slyusar during the UAC press conference at MAKS

The fact is that despite being already in service with quite a few international operators, Mexico's Interjet possibly the most notorious one, the Superjet programme is finding it hard so far to get more orders beyond Russia's governmental umbrella. The latest confirmed deal has been with state-owned leasing company GTLK, that will, in turn, place the Superjets among airlines such as Yamal (pictured above) and Red Wings, both of Russia.

It looks like there might be interesting commercial opportunities for the Superjet in countries such as Iran, which might be interested in ordering up to 100 aircraft, and Jordan, although looks like no deal is confirmed yet.

Being able to offer very generous pricing seems to be essential in order to win this new business. In this regard, UAC plans to slash costs by moving towards an import substitution path that would see quite a few of its Western suppliers (that provide a large share of Superjet's components) replaced with domestic ones. This should help get Superjet new orders.

In any case, MAKS visitors could enjoy a nice Superjet flight display in the afternoon.

Here are the pics:

Superjet flight display
Superjet at Moscow air show
Superjet MAKS
Superjet landing MAKS
Superjet russian flag