Private jet marketplaces are hot!

Private jet marketplaces

There is a segment of the air travel market where things are happening, and at a fast pace...I am talking about private jets, and, more in particular, the new generation of online marketplaces that aim to blur the barrier that separates private from commercial flying.

I had the chance to report about this new breed of private jet operators for CNN Travel last June, but the companies featured on that article have been making the news throughout the summer.

Jetsmarter has raised a $20M Series B funding round and Victor an additional $5M, that adds to the $8M round that it closed earlier this year. 

Looks like the market is getting hot!

In fact, some operators have already proven there is business to be done in simplifying the private jet booking process, for example, UK-based PrivateFly, a pioneer in this field, raised £2M in 2011 to expand their private jet marketplace concept, and has since become profitable. Its founder and CEO Adam Twidell does not rule out new rounds of investment, to keep growing though.

And even some traditional airlines and adding the private jet option to their offering. In fact, not a new thing for an airline to run a private jet business on the side, but what Delta is doing now is combining it with the traditional airline business, by offering selective upgrades to private jet to some of its customers.