Here 's an awesome promotional website by Russian airline S7

Here is an airline promotional website that really caught my eye.

As it has been put together by Russian airline S7, the video is in Russian, which somehow might difficult its appreciation by the readership of this blog, nevertheless I decided I would share it, since I found it inspirational, creative and aesthetically awesome.

The story starts with a number of children speaking about places that exist in their imagination, like lands where whales move underground or that are made of chocolate...children they might be, but when the voice in off that is interviewing them asks "Do this places really exist?" one of the kids replies determinedly "Not on Earth!".

Next the video moves on to show them wrong, displaying the amazing diversity of landscapes and places on Earth that have been made accessible by air travel, some of them match perfectly the imaginary Worlds described by the children.

When the video is over, a dynamic interface comes up on the screen, over a background of clouds, where each of these "imaginary" places are linked to a real place on Earth and an invitation to visit that includes a link to S7's booking engine.

Kudos to S7 for the nicely executed multimedia promotional initiative!