Jetlines is the new Canadian ultra-low-cost airline

Jetlines Canada

One of the beautiful things about the airline industry is that despite the complex challenges that it involves, there is no shortage of entrepreneurs ready to give it a go. One of the latest: a  new ultra-low cost airline in Canada called Jetlines

While Jetlines awaits regulatory approval and the closing of a funding round, they have started to work on thier social media channels and website and they have been releasing some details of how the "Canadian Ryanair" is going to operate.

Jetlines envisages a 21-strong Boeing 737 MAx fleet, with its main base at Vancouver (YVR) and secondary ones at Winnipeg (MB) and Hamilton (ON). The prospective routes map shows also lots of leisure destinations across the border, but one of the most remarkable aspects is their stated intention to avoid trunk routes and focus on those with little competition from established full service carriers.