Eva Air's Hello Kitty crazyness

Picture: Eva Air

Picture: Eva Air

I was aware of the Hello Kitty craze in some parts of Asia, but Taiwanese airline Eva Air has taken to a whole new level.

First, as you might imagine, it's the specially decorated "Hello Kitty Boeing 777"

But not only...you simply have to check the special Hello Kitty Eva Air website out! I find this is a completely fascinating approach to an airline website!


The experience is not just cosmetic: when you step into the Hello Kitty Boeing 777, everything, absolutely everything, from the crew's uniforms to the cabin interiors to the menu is designed to immerse the passengers in a the Hello Kitty World.

And, of course, there are the videos too...If you liked the Icelandair's Hekla Aurora making-off video, you can not miss this one, although, of course, the style could not be more different!

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