My article about the SpaceLiner hypersonic aircraft on CNN

Spaceliner hypersonic aircraft

Just a short post to share my latest contribution to CNN Travel, about the cutting-edge research that SART (a department of the German Aerospace Research Institute) is conducting in the field of hypersonic flight.

The result is the concept aircraft you can see in the picture above, a sort of hybrid concept between spaceship and airliner that is expected to fly 25 times faster than sound.

Not that this is going to happen tomorrow, it is not even clear whether it will ever happen, but, as often happens in this type of far-fetched research projects, a whole range of potential applications might come out of it, and they will be the ones driving new advances in everyday flying...

The SpaceLiner is not the only project aiming to push forward the frontier of aerospace technology and make commercial hypersonic flight a reality, but it is the most outlandish and ambitious in its capabilities...

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