Estonia quickly puts together new airline to keep air links open

Turbulent times for airlines in the Baltic, just a few weeks after Air Lituanica going bankrupt, Air Estonia also announced it was ceasing operations, as an EU Ruling forced it to return state-aid it had received in the past, which made the business inviable.

However, they haven't lost time in Estonia, and a new airline has been quickly readied to fill the gap left by the former flag carrier.

Nordic Aviation Group has is presenting itself to the public with this, I would say, rather unconventional (for an airline) but frank and direct video, where one of its managers outlines the plans for the new airline and the routes it will cover.

As a stopgap measure to prevent the tiny Baltic nation seeing its air connectivity drastically reduced, the new airline, that has already a rather basic but functional website, is going to use aircraft on loan from other European carriers, such as Adria Airways and Carpatair to fly between Tallinn and several European capitals, such as Copenhaguen, Stockholm, Brussels, Oslo, Vilnius, Kiev, Trondheim and Amsterdam. Moscow and St.Petersburg might be next once the new entity has the right permits.