CityJet is landmark deal for Superjet

Soon a new livery to be added...

Soon a new livery to be added...

Regional airline CityJet has become the latest client for Sukhoi Superjet.

These 15 orders, to be delivered through 2016 and 2017, plus 10 options, are a big boost for the Superjet programme (for reference, this year 17 of the type will be built in total at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur factory, in Russia's Far East), but, most importantly, they are qualitatively significant. 

Not only is this the first order coming from a European carrier, but the Irish airline plans to deploy the Russian-made jet primarily on what is, possibly, the most competitive markets in the continent: London.

Until now, and setting aside the Mexican Interjet, the Superjet had failed to obtain big orders from outside Russia, but this will be quite a good opportunity for Sukhoi to showcase its star aircraft.

CityJet will sit 98 passengers on its Superjets, five abreast and with a 32'' pitch.

Will see whether more Western airlines follow suit after these news.