A set of unusual airline stats, by Ural Airlines

Ural Airlines Airbus

Every year airlines release some figures about their activities:number of passengers, of operations, revenues, expenses...

In addition to these, an airline in Russia, Ural Airlines, has released a set of "unusual" figures related to its activity during the year. For example:

Ural Airlines aircraft have worn out 904 tyres during 2014.

Its clients drank 663,000 litres of tea (according to airline sources, this is enough tea to fill up completely 22 A321 aircraft!) and eaten 102 tons of candy. These were distributed along with 13km of paper tissue.

And always check all your belongings before disembarking!...34 tablets, 38 cell phones, 7 laptops, 10 e-books and 2 photocameras were recovered by Ural Airlines crew after they were forgotten by their owners onboard the aircraft.

Other curious things that were found on-board: a radio-controlled aircraft, x-ray prints and 11 passports.

To put this numbers in context, Ural Airlines carried 5.16M passengers in 2014.