VIDEO: the making of Emirates' 50th A380

I must admit that I was one of those that raised an eyebrow when hearing, back in 2007, that Emirates was going ahead with the purchase of 43 Airbus A380s.

Fast forward seven years and Emirates has just got its 50th A380 delivered...and this is just one third of the 150-strong order it ended up placing with the European aircraft manufacturer!

In order to celebrate this milestone, Emirates thas released a video that shows the process of mkaing one of these huge the way, a process that won't be entirely new to readers of this blog that have followed my previous escapades to Toulouse!

(For more on the manufacturing of the Airbus A380 you can also see this series of posts about the A380 assembly line, the Airbus delivery center in Toulouse or how a brand new A380 looks like from the inside.