LOT is looking for amateur film-makers

Picture: LOT Polish Airlines

Picture: LOT Polish Airlines

Video is an amazing online marketing tool (just ask Air New Zealand!). This is particularly true of content that is inspirational (and aspirational) the sort of content that, for decades airlines have been using to sell tickets. And, although, professional video still plays (and will continue to do so) an important role in marketing campaigns, the increasing number of people that have crossed the increasingly blurry line between consumers and producers of content multiplies the pool of talent airlines can tap when they wish to sell dreams.

It is in this context that Polish flag carrier, LOT, has just launched "Travel Inspirations" a contest for amateur film-makers that wish to share the graces of one of LOT's destinations by submitting a 45 second video depicting it from a specific inspirational angle (food, shopping, opportunities to practice outdoor sports).

The prize? You guess it...free tickets on LOT.

This initiative reminds me of Vueling's Instagram contest, where people were asked to share their best shots of Vueling's destinations. In that case, the 200 best pictures ended up decorating an Airbus A320 aircraft. I could not find information about what use is LOT going to give to these films, but I guess, besides the buzz it might generate, it is a nice (and low cost) way to outsource the production of videos to be used in later promotional campaigns.