New Russian low cost carrier Dobrolet presents its first aircraft

Dobrolet Boeing 737-800

Dobrolet, the new Russian low cost carrier, that is expected to take soon to the skies, has unveiled its first aircraft: a Boeing 737-800NG just out of the paint-shop.

Still early to go into much detail but here are a few facts about Dobrolet: it is Aeroflot's bet on the growth of development of the low cost airline industry in Russia, it will operate a fleet of Boeing 737-800NG aircraft, flying out of Moscow and covering a network of cities in the European part of Russia.

The novelty, and what makes this airline launch particularly interesting, is that Dobrolet is that for the time being going to be the only carrier in the Russian market operating under a pure low cost model.

And that's all for now, but you can rest assured this is a topic I will revisit really soon!

Dobrolet Boeing 737 cabin interior