The 12 Russian aviation instagramers you should be following

Following our post about the best Russian aviation blogs to follow, here are our suggestions for the best Russian aviation instagramers...this time, hopefully, without language barriers!

I must say it is quite a mixed list: there are pilots, people that work in airlines, photographers, an airline CEO and some corporate accounts, and not all of these Instagram accounts are exclusively about aviation, but, they have all in common, and therefore are in this list, because they usually have a good amount of flight-related photos that allow you to have a glimpse of the fascinating world of Russian aviation.

  1. Slavniyoleg
  2. Olgapleshakova
  3. Denisbelousov
  4. Kalinin_dmitriy
  5. Flapsfull
  6. Captain_kot
  7. Lystseva
  8. Pilota320
  9. Pulkovo_airport
  10. Superjet_International
  11. Aeroflot
  12. Barsykoff

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