Want to sleep in a converted MD-11 airliner? latest on AirBnB

KLM apartment md11 airbnb

Some regular readers of this blog may wonder whether we are affiliated with KLM in any way (we are not), such is the frequency with which the Dutch airline appears on these pages. But, as much as we try to provide some balanced across-the-industry coverage, KLM keeps overwhelming us with their endless creativity.

KLM's latest marketing stunt has already made it to the mainstream media, so you might as well have read about it already, but this is a gentle reminder that you still have two days to opt to an overnight stay at KLM's very special "guest-house".

This treat will appeal in particular to those aviation enthusiasts that are already missing the legendary McDonnell Douglas MD-11, after KLM retired them from service early this month, because, well...KLM has just converted one of its MD-11s into a cozy apartment, with its very own AirBnB listing.

But, because there are some things that money can't buy, keep your wallet where it is, you should convince KLM in 100 words or less, why you deserve to be one of the privileged three that will enjoy this unforgettable experience.