Last call for "last call" calls at London Heathrow?

"Last call for Mr...on flight XYZ", this is a common background sound in many of the World's airports, but maybe not for long...

London Heathrow is rolling out a tracking technology that allows the airport and airlines to know where a traveler is during the check-in to gate process and allows them to flag those that are at risk of missing their flights and make them hurry up if necessary (or in case they are too late to the gate, to close the flight and unload their baggage without delay).

The ultimate goal is to save airlines time (and money!) by preventing late coming passengers from delaying flights, but I am sure it might help those passengers that get easily distracted and have still managed to miss flights despite having arrived at the airport with plenty of time (yes, I know a few real cases!)

Picture: London Heathrow Airport

Picture: London Heathrow Airport

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