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Allplane is an independent site specializing in the airline and air travel industry edited by Miquel Ros, an entrepreneur, consultant and aviation enthusiast.

Miquel has previously worked as online editor at Flightglobal, the World's top information source for the aviation industry, and ecommerce manager at Dobrolet, the low cost airline of the Aeroflot Group. As well as being also an online entrepreneur, Miquel has also worked for several years at Bloomberg and in international business development projects and is currently a marketing advisor at Trovel, an online luxury travel and lifestyle club.

Allplane has the support of a network of collaborators from around the World, also avid travelers that share his passion for the airline industry. 

At Allplane we strive to bring you the news, analysis and interesting facts about airlines, airports and, more broadly speaking, the experience of flying.


  • Airline strategy
  • Airline marketing
  • Airline branding
  • Route development
  • Fleet planning
  • Airlines and social media
  • Airlines and technology
  • Airlines and politics
  • Airlines in Russia & CIS
  • Airlines in Spain
  • Airlines in the UK
  • Emerging air travel markets

We aim to contribute with our own angle to what we find to be the most interesting industry of all. This means that our editorial line reflects our own background, interests and passions: you will see lots of Russia-related stuff because Russia, and all the former Soviet space for this matter, is a country interests us greatly.

You will also find frequent mentions to the state of the airline industry in Barcelona and London, the two cities that Miquel calls home, and extensive coverage of the links between the airline and technology industries, again as a result of our own personal and professional backgrounds.

We are, nevertheless, globally-oriented and open to cover developments in the airline and air travel industry all over the World.

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A site full of information and visual resources about the past, present and future of aviation

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This one is for Boeing-enthusiasts, the blog of Randy Tinseth, vice president, marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, with up to date information and pictures about all of Boeing's commercial aircraft programmes


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As you can tell from the name: all about routes and network development. They organize the Routes events Worldwide, where airlines and airports meet to plan their next route openings. 


A site specializing in airline marketing, presenting innovative ideas in this field implemented by airlines from around the World


All you need to know about the air passenger and in-flight experience, news, trends, etc.

Things with Wings 

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A great site to learn about the dynamics of air travel markets all around the World, with plenty of stats and analysis (part of the site is only open to subscribers though)

Aspire Aviation 

A site providing in-depth analysis on the airline and aerospace industry, very good to follow all what's going on in the Asia-Pacific region and also for analysis on different commercial aircraft programmes


A site of reference for all those interested in the intersection between airlines and social marketing. Interesting case studies.

Flying with Fish 

Wise opinions about what goes on in the airline industry. Strong focus on airline and airport security issues and TSA policies. 

Cranky Flier 

One of the top airline blogs. Bret Snyder provides great insights on the industry, particularly on all US-related matters. 

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It is unlikely that anything of relevance in the airline industry will escape the attention of Seattle-based David Parker Brown. He also a regular on many press trips, so it makes for interesting travel reading too! 

The Aviation Writer 

A very comprehensive site about the aviation industry, with plenty to look at.

Bangalore Aviation 

The leading airline industry blog in India, although publishing lots of news from other places too

Air Observer 

A blog specializing in the European low cost airline industry that more than one low cost airline would not like you to read!


The Economist's aviation and travel correspondent. What else can I add? 


A young and dynamic web portal covering the travel industry from a fresh angle. Strong focus on all things airline-related


A website of reference for everyone interested in the travel industry. Although not airline-centered, it has a very good coverage of the industry

Pere Suau 

The site of my friend Pere, aviation expert and lecturer at the Department of Air Transport Studies at Cranfield University. Pere's fields of research include airline networks, airport Strategy and the territorial impact of airport activity.

Aviation Questions

An interesting site with news and stories about the commercial aviation industry

The Designair 

A great site for all things related to airline design and branding


Allplane in the Media


"Airbus' Beluga: Inside the world's strangest-looking airplane"

"Airbus' Beluga: Inside the world's strangest-looking airplane"

 "Allplane got some shots from the unveiling of Thai Airways’ first A380"   

 "Allplane got some shots from the unveiling of Thai Airways’ first A380"

An Allplane picture: "How large is an Airbus A380"

An Allplane picture: "How large is an Airbus A380"

Allplane covering Vueling's press conference: "Vueling adds more routes, business class"

Allplane covering Vueling's press conference: "Vueling adds more routes, business class"

"From Russia in a Jumbo"

"From Russia in a Jumbo"

"A brilliant analysis Spain's of twitter usage during Spain's ATC strike by Allplane"

"A brilliant analysis Spain's of twitter usage during Spain's ATC strike by Allplane"

 "A recommended blog about aviation"

 "A recommended blog about aviation"